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Architectural design & Planning

It's about challenging the status-quo and creating something extraordinary – a legacy – but a legacy backed up with empirical knowledge, solid engineering and detailed execution.

Architectural building design, interior design, and space planning are all essential components of creating a well-designed building. With the help of new technologies, such as BIM, WE can produce more accurate and detailed designs that better integrate with engineering systems. By coordinating more closely with engineers, At Perez::McGee, we can ensure that the building's design is optimized for energy efficiency and sustainability.

Innovative Design: Offering innovative and creative design solutions that exceed client expectations and set their project apart from competitors.

Flexibility and Customization: Providing flexibility and customization to meet the unique needs of each client, whether it be in design, project management, or other aspects of the real estate development and entitlement process.


We Streamline the Project Management: Offering integrated project management services that oversee the entire development process, from initial planning and design to construction and delivery, ensuring on-time and on-budget completion of projects.

Safety protocols and risk management procedures are essential to protect workers and minimize liability for owners and contractors.

Real-time tracking and reporting of project progress are becoming more common, allowing project managers to quickly identify and address issues as they arise.


Integrated coordination with engineering is essential to create buildings that are safe, functional, and energy-efficient.

At PMI, we’ve been pushing BIM’s capabilities, finding approaches to make those consequences bigger and recognizing its ability and price on all our tasks, and developing automated introduction of content from data that enables us to reply without delay to client needs.

We use BIM to validate layout selections, assist clients in exploring the viability of a proposed mixture of services, organizing how ‘buildable’ the desired approach is. For clients growing assets in extraordinary places, our unique abilities in BIM include worldwide BIM statistics requirements and assist in acquiring better outcomes while ensuring their building or acquisition complies with local construction rules.

BIM’s ability to coordinate multiple types of information is driving up expectations in the industry, particularly around the level of communication and quality of collaboration. Our BIM models are collaborative to the core, allowing designers and engineers to collaborate and achieve the work-from-anywhere approach that is vital on major international projects.

BIM is a methodology that enables architects to design and manage complex buildings with efficiency, reducing costs and improving collaboration.

Virtual and Augmented Reality: Virtual and augmented reality technologies allow clients to experience architectural designs in a more immersive way, providing a better understanding of the design and enhancing communication.

Digital fabrication: The use of digital fabrication technologies such as 3D printing and CNC machines is increasing in architectural design, allowing for more precise and complex designs.

At Perez::McGee we are into the DFMA methodology, which is based on the principle that product design decisions made early in the design process have a significant impact on the cost and efficiency of manufacturing and assembly. By considering the manufacturing and assembly processes from the beginning, designers can create products that are easier to produce, with fewer parts, and can be assembled more quickly and with less labor.

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