Terrence “Terry” Kleber
Director of Projects


Turning chaos into order, Terry manages the firm’s user centric project management software to the maximum benefit of the overall project; which results in well-informed clients and project teams; reduced project risks; and superior assurance in meeting project schedules and budget goals. 

Terry is a natural hands-on leader - he is exceptionally adaptable, and grounded with integrity and common sense. As such, Terry excels in the fast-paced team environment of our integrated project delivery program, successfully responding to the demands of the moment while remaining focused on the goals of the overall vision and plan for the project. 

In general, Terry is the firm’s quintessential problem solver. With his orderly approach and a focus on excellence, our clients have grown accustom to witnessing Terry effectively transform challenging problems into superb results. 

“Our management methodology is rooted in the simple concept that once targets are established we provide the tools and procedures to keep the project team informed real-time anytime and at their finger tips….from the start of project design through post-construction.”