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Daniel G. Perez SCA, int’l AIA
Socio Fundador
Rick McGee, AIA
Socio Fundador

Mr. Perez, a Colombian born and an architect holding registration in The Republic of Colombia since 1988, has been recognized in multiple occasions by the American Institute of Architects –AIA- on Architectural design Excellence and sustainability, as well as, been the recipient of the associate architect of the year for the state of Arizona award, because of his contribution to the Architecture not only in his home state but internationally. He has written articles on architecture, design and sustainability that have been published and presented in state and national conferences.

Mike Green, ASID
Director de diseño interior. 

As the Director for Interiors, Mike Green is responsible for meeting our client’s requirements for high-performance, visual compelling, and operational efficient work place environments. As a recognized leader in the area of performance based interior architecture, Mike leads our interior modeling process that help our clients articulate their business needs and strategies with the dynamic use of space. This process is a specific methodology that is done prior to any pre-conceived design is put to paper.

Terrence “Terry” Kleber
Gerente de proyectos. 

G. Richard (Rick) McGee brings 25 years of experience as a managing principal for several of the foremost international architectural firms in the United States including Leo A. Daly, Jacobs, Carter and Burgess and Heery International. It is the leadership perspective gained during these years that helps formulate his propensity for finding ways to successfully meet the growing challenges of project design and delivery.

Julian Espinosa
Director of Commercial/Retail Development

Julian Espinosa leads Commercial/Retail Projects Division at Perez::McGee. Julian’s primary responsibility is the direction of project delivery and design, program management, business development and client relations, and quality control of process methodology for all commercial and retail projects. Julian brings a wide range of experience and perspectives to this position. Over his thirty five year career he has worked for both major developers and designers of commercial and retail projects as well as directly for the major retail users of these projects.

Terry provides the primary leadership for the Perez::McGee project management team. His thorough knowledge of design practice combined with his complete understanding of complex construction challenges and solutions affords Terry the unique ability to manage any aspect of project delivery. Terry is a stickler for organization and detail, and excels at project communication.




Maria Alejandra Múnera
Team Leader / Project Architect 
Daniela Marín
Graphic Representation Architecture/Engineering
Mariana Aristizábal
Architect in training
Diana Marcela Arias
Office Manager
Catalina Ramírez
Technical Coordinator / Project Architect
Ana Maria Lalinde
Project Architect
Camilo Alzate Giraldo
Architect in training
Lady Cano




Juliana Henao U.
Virtual Construction Architect
Laura Penagos
Business Development Director
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