Rick McGee
Principal Partner


 Much of Mr. McGee’s career has been influenced by his commitment to foster major urban design and architectural programs through cooperative public and private partnerships. Many of these projects, perhaps most notably the United States Military “personnel housing programs”, have become models for not only financially structuring new development but also enhancing the quality and livability of the project itself. Mr. McGee’s passion lies in advancing project delivery methodologies that uphold a single socially responsible purpose - the creation of holistic “user centric” buildings that serve people and sustain the environment. 

Consistent design quality is firmly rooted in the belief that success is the result of collaboration and dialogue. Responsible for the firm’s design protocols, Mr. McGee leads the firm’s creative design process that stresses an open exchange of ideas both within the firm and more importantly, between all project stakeholders, from initial conception to completion of a project. Through this colloborative process, Mr. McGee is able to ensure that the client’s needs and desires are addressed at each turning point in the design of a project. Ideas are not submitted solely for approval or rejection, but so that innovation can flourish and dialogue can incite additional questions and solutions that will each help craft a more complete structure.