Julián Espinosa
Director of Commercial/Retail Development



Julian has worked worldwide. He has been responsible for major commercial and retail projects in Europe, Asia, South America, Australia as well as the United States.

Julian approaches commercial and retail development in a singularly integrated manor. Having been in the position of both designer and user, as constructor and developer, Julian achieves exceptional results by bringing an “ownership of the whole” viewpoint to any and all aspects of the project. Whether tasked with a single service for a project or responsible for total project delivery, Julian effectively integrates the overall resources and knowledge base of the firm to the full benefit or impact of every project decision. 

“No project is without some risk and certainly all have challenges but it is how you react to the challenges that will make the project successful. As a matter of course project risk and challenges are exposed early in the Perez::McGee Integrated Project Delivery process and brought to resolution utilizing the best-practice knowledge of all project stakeholders.”